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  1. KenBrace

    Living as a nomad to train in Mo Pai

    It is difficult to make any real progress in Mo Pai while working a job and living a modern lifestyle. My current plan to work around this is to live as a nomad. If anyone else is interested in this then let's chit chat and share some ideas and resources for helping to make it happen. If all...
  2. KenBrace

    Is Kanda the same thing as Lower Dan Tien?

    According to Kostas Danaos, the Mo Pai method works with the chakra and nadi system. Kanda is said to be the origin point of all 72,000 nadis. Kanda is located where the root chakra and shushumna central nadi channel connect. Kanda is said to enclose the naval chakra (where Yang is stored?)...
  3. KenBrace

    WARNING: Mo Pai Scammers

    Are you interested in practicing the Mo Pai method? We understand that information can be difficult to find. The level one practice is a simple meditation and is available freely on the web. In your search for training information we advise that you keep a sharp eye out for scam artists that...
  4. KenBrace

    WARNINGS: Mo Pai Level 1

    Mo Pai Nei Kung Level 1 WARNINGS Welcome fellow seeker. This page serves as a list of warnings regarding the first level of training in the Mo Pai system. If you are pursuing this practice please read these warnings carefully and adhere to them to avoid health problems, injury, or wastage of...
  5. KenBrace

    Building a Neigong training center

    I want to buy a piece of land and build a hermitage that provides basic shelter, clean running water, and one meal a day. This would be like a monastery except that you are not required to participate in the daily routine of a group. You would be free to meditate for 20 hours a day if wished...
  6. KenBrace

    I wish I had time to meditate all day

    I want to devote 8-12 hours per day to meditation, every single day. Currently my lifestyle does not allow for this because I must work a job to keep the bills paid. I am working to build a simple training setup that will provide shelter from the elements, clean running water, and one...