WARNINGS: Mo Pai Level 1


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Mo Pai Nei Kung
Level 1


Welcome fellow seeker. This page serves as a list of warnings regarding the first level of training in the Mo Pai system. If you are pursuing this practice please read these warnings carefully and adhere to them to avoid health problems, injury, or wastage of time through ineffective technique.

72 Hour Rule
The first warning that should be mentioned is the 72 hour (3 day) rule. This stipulation requires that you STOP all training for at least 72 hours after any kind of orgasm, ejaction, or wet dream. We advise you avoid training if any kind of sexual stimulation has occurred within the last 72 hours. If you train during the 72 hour waiting period, you risk "tearing" your Lower Dan Tien. We do not know exactly what this "tearing" means or exactly how likely it is to occur but it was required by John Chang in his instructions to both Jim McMillan and Kostas Danaos who were his two most notable Western students. Break this rule at your own risk.

The second point we will mention requires that you be electrically grounded to the Earth during Level One meditation. The reason for this is that insulators block Yin Chi which comes from the Earth. During Level One you accumulate both Yin and Yang energies. Yang comes from the air and Yin comes from the Earth. So you must be connected to the Earth to receive the Yin energy during meditation. You can accomplish this by either sitting on the bare ground while wearing cotton-only clothing or you can install a grounding rod with a copper wire running into your house. If you choose to go the grounding wire route then it is recommended to make sure the wire is making solid physical contact with your perineum point. We do not know if the wire MUST be touching perineum but we recommend it since this is where John Chang says the Yin Energy enters the body. It may be perfectly acceptable to simply attach the wire to your hand, foot, or leg but we cannot confirm if this is the case. It will probably work as well but just keep in mind that the Hui Yin/Perineum is where Yin Chi enters the body.

Mixing Practices
Jim McMillian was the first Western student of Mo Pai. After receiving the Level One instructions from John Chang he practiced the technique for some time. After making some progress he attempted to contact his teacher Chang but was unable to due to Chang being on retreat. Jim began looking into other practices and learned about Microcosmic Orbit. Jim began practicing this technique. However, when Chang finally returned and Jim met with him for the second time, he was furious that Jim had been mixing Microcosmic Orbit with his Level One training and was told that it had ruined his progress. Jim was forced to start over. Because of this example, we recommend that you avoid mixing other practices with Mo Pai. If you chose to practice the Mo Pai method then we recommend that you avoid other practices that work with the energy body and chakra system.
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